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Hmmm, because i am bored, very very bored i'm gonna make a list about the stuff to do before i go away.

1- Get my License (i've been trying to motivate myself for the past 2 years since i was 16)
2- Go to the boot maker and see if he can stretch my boots cause i bought them too small (yes, im stupid)
3- Find a pair of red gloves
4- Find an outfit for the plane ( we have to dress "nicely" cause we're staff travellers Agh! )
5- Fix up Franky (my ipod)
6- Get peoples addresses so i can send postcards, or emails
7- Get fake nails removed (they are very annoying)
8- completely clean my room
...theres probably more but i cant think of them.

WOOHOO! Chelsea play Man U on MONDAY (Englands Sunday) - i was looking at some of the predictions and many a persons picked Man U over Chelsea, with alot of 2 goal wins.  One person even saw Manchester winning 5 nil with 3 chelsea players sent off! Pfft! lol (it was their dream result) 

ONLY 17 MORE DAYS TO GO!! ahhhh - only bout 31 days till im in ENGLAND- its gonna be amazing, i've been dreaming about it for so long!!

Its gonna be hell when everyone goes to schoolies, but ill see the train and plane people off!!

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 WOO HOO!!!!! CHELSEA WON AGAINST BARCA!! God the game was good, but i was petrified the whole way through. First half i think we opened well but barca played a whole lot better. The second half opened with a cracker of a shot from Drogba AHHHH!!! And then the rest of the time i was yelling at the referee for all his shite calls! Referees come from another spectrum of the universe, they have no idea about anything!!! When it moved into extra time i was still scared. BUT WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON. Apparently before the match they gave Eidur a glass trophy for his services to Chelsea, which i thought was nice and they gave him a standing ovation as he came off the pitch. WHY did we have to let him go?? But anyway, even though Drogba scored the goal i reckon Hilario was the man of the match. He made heaps of saves and he was so cute when we scored, he ran the full length of the pitch to jump on Drogba. WOO HOO im so happy. Im dead tired though, didnt get any sleep last night and woke up nauseous because of this God Damn HSC. Chelsea's making it a tad better though. Oh it was so awesome, as the game was ending all the chelsea supporters pulled out all these blue and white chelsea flags, there was a mass of them across the whole stadium!!! Cant wait till i watch them play in December, i think its going to be the Fulham Game.

Apparently Chec only just started talking again. First thing he asked for was a TV to watch the game. 


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